Anaconda Queen [fixed]

Anaconda Queen [fixed]

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[Sorry for the accidental skin spam earlier--LC was buggy when I first tried to upload this.] This skin fits over Cassiopeia's Siren model (Cassiopeia_seasnake.skl and .skn) and includes a loading screen. It won't fit over your basic Cass model unless you do the following:

Rename this skin file as cassiopeia_base_TX_CM before installing it. You'll also need to use RAFManager ( to extract the Siren Cass model (cassiopeia_seasnake.skn and cassiopeia_seasnake.skl), and rename each of them as cassiopeia.skn and cassiopeia.skl respectively, before installing those. Without the seasnake .skn and .skl files, this skin (when fit over basic Cass) looks like a floating bundle of toilet paper--or her face is crammed onto one side of her head. No bueno. If everything's installed correctly, she should look just as she does in the example pictures. Enjoy!

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