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If At First You Don't Succeed

written by Kadamode

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  • To all those who are lazy to read my long ass article; here's a quick summary; if one thing doesn't work, what makes you think the next time it will work? A.k.a. learning from your mistakes.

    This had happened too many times before; you're playing your game as usual. Laning phase, blah blah blah, skip to mid game; team fights. In the first team fight, the jungler was absent and someone in your team itchy hand go in front, got caught and half of your team is wiped out. Fast forward, your leader is pinging mad and screaming on the chat "STICK PLS". This time, everyone is present, you go into the team fight and boom, your whole team is wiped out. Then, you saw them taking Baron, once again your leader pings it as if he's writing a love letter to his mother in morse code and once again, your team is aced. Everyone blames one teammate, types /surrender and game ends. What actually went wrong here? In this scenario, the enemy's team composition are; Amumu, MF, Sona, Orianna and Jarvan.

    If for all these while you never ever fought these champions before, they all have AoE damage. That means if you stick; that's a one way ticket to front row seat of the Your Team Getting Your Asses Whooped Concert.

    Starring your favourite artists such as Justin Bieber, Jessica Black and many more.
    You see, when you play this game, sometimes you gotta admit; your strategy is a bit retarded. Instead of blaming others like we all usually do, it's better you examine what went wrong constructively. It's okay to make mistakes as none of us are perfect, it's okay as long as we learn from our mistakes. If you find yourself losing three team fights in a row, you should've realized by the second team fight no matter how well you planned your engagement, you are going to lose on the basis that 5 of their champions together are better than 5 of your champions together. It's the same reason why you shouldn't go 1 on 1 with a Jax (most of the time).

    In this sort of situation, I suggest you split push. Here's the logic behind split pushing; 4 people in one lane, 1 in the other lane. Now, usually you'd send your most powerful single champion in the solo lane or someone who can escape easily, so if let's say they decided to defend that lane, 1 on 1 your teammate will win. However, if they decide to send 2 or 3 champions to settle your lonely hero, the 4 at the other lane should engage them as it is a 4 vs 3 or 2 situation. If they decide to forsake the lane, your solo lane pusher will get the tower.

    The mistake most teams make in this situation is when they are 1 man short; aaaaaaaand they engaged. When they die (naturally), they'll start saying "Y U NO HEREEEEE". I'm pretty sure my 5 year old niece could figure out that 5 is more than 4, why can't most summoners do? I can't completely blame them, as some players knows this strategy well and when they see one enemy member is somewhere else, it's a good chance to engage. So if they engage, 5 vs 4, someone gets caught, why not run? It's better that you let the poor sap who got Nocturned or Ashed or Alistared or whatever die while the rest falls back, defend the tower while your solo lane pusher rakes their towers.

    My main argument here does not only extend to 5 vs 5, but your own personal runes, champion selection and strategy as well. So let's say, you like playing Rammus. Your usual build is you stack armor like no tomorrow and tank towers like nobody's business. For some reason, you still die. When I say, for some reason, I actually meant getting nuked into infinity by AP carries. You see, your build has to be flexible, in the sense that you have no idea who your opponent is even if it's a ranked game and who they will pick, so you need to be prepared for any situation.

    As for the champions you play, perhaps you are fond of playing Evelynn or Master Yi. Occasionally, you will fight some hopeless scrubs that even if HotshotGG was in their team, they couldn't win and you faceroll them with that particular champion doesn't mean you're good at it nor your champion is a strong pick. The true measure of a champion is how well you perform with him time and time again against various opponents.

    If you take this virtue as your own, not only will you improve by learning from your own mistakes, but the mistakes of others as well. Let's say you join a normal game; your team has XZ and the other team has XZ. Your XZ builds 100% glass cannon while their XZ builds tanky DPS. Surprisingly (not), your XZ dies, a lot. While their XZ is killing sh*t left and right. From a simple observation, you can tell that their XZ deals as much damage as your XZ, except of course their's doesn't die. So the next time you play XZ, will you build glass cannon or tanky DPS?

    Then again glass cannons are truly, truly outrageous.
    Another reason why I would like to stress this fact is because that even if you play this game casually, I'm assuming that you're playing it for fun; it's not fun when you're losing and you don't even know why. As for me, I play a lot and have a lot of experience under my belt, so I'm actually familiar with most of the games I play everyday since I've lived through similiar situations before. Even if I lose these games, I knew exactly why I lost, what mistakes we made as individuals and as a team and I accepted the fact whole-heartedly, rather than scream in frustration on why we keep losing team fights.

    In ranked games, I've seen a lot of people who played a few hundred games and yet they are still unranked and low ELO. A quick glance in their profile reveals that they've been playing the same champions over and over and over again. Sometimes they perform really well, sometimes decently and sometimes even horrible. Yes, the argument that the more you play a single champion, the better you are at playing him is valid, but the fact is in this game there are some champions that would welcome your champion to Feederville; Population : YOU.

    So if for example your main champion is Katarina, you're actually very good with her and you won a lot of normal games. You've been through a lot together, you bought her skins and you're actually thinking of proposing to her; and you get facerolled in ranked games when you use her. Technically, it's your fault because Katarina only works when there's no silence or stun to stop her but that's not the case when it comes to ranked games most of the time. So if you are to learn from your own mistakes knowing the fact that this particular champion brings you more losses than wins, are you willing to dump her for someone better (like Gare-bear) or will you stay loyal?

    He's so dreamy.
    When you look at the bigger picture, you'll actually feel better when you learn from your past mistakes. When you play support in the lower ELO you lose and yet when you play carry you win, learn from your mistake and don't pick a support. When you play Master Yi you lose and yet when you play Nocturne you win, learn from your mistake and pick Nocturne instead. When you don't ban Mordekaiser he shoves his spiky metal mace up your ass and when you do ban him, you avoid getting horribly butthurt; learn from your mistake and lube up when you forgot to ban Morde.

    To lose and make mistakes are only human, to learn from it is what makes us great. But alas, to remain ignorant of it is our greatest fault. ɉɉɉ

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