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Intermediate AI build

written by popop143

Table of Contents

  • Introduction and purpose of this guide

    Many builds of AI are viable for low-level gameplay. As an avid gamer of Intermediate AI, I think that compiling their builds will help the community of League of Legends. Updated as of PH patch 1.49.11 (NA patch This will be my first game guide, so bear with me. I should note that the bots are rather fond of Banshee's Veil and Doran's items. Also, this build is in chronological order. I also do not know how to put the build I see in other guides, so I'm just using item_icon

  • Updates

    December 27 2011: Started this guide, tried to publish, edited.
    January 1, 2012: Happy New Year! Added Shen, Warwick, and Taric
    February 2, 2012: I've decided to input the stats of every champion at level 18 with the bonuses from items, so there will be more content! Also looking forward for the Rise of the Bots in the Philippines in about 2 weeks time! Yay!

  • Ashe, the Frost Archer

    Total cost: 13540 g

    This will be a balanced build for Ashe, with AD and survivability. Lacking in Attack Speed and Movespeed Department, can change Doran's Blade with a Phantom DancerLook at builder.

    HP: 2256                    HP per 5: 14.95
    Physical HP: 5380.57    Magical HP: 4918.08
    Effective HP: 5149.32
    Mana: 1205                    MP per 5: 13.4
    AS: 1.196                  AD: 288
    AP: 0                        Armor Pen: 0
    Armor Pen%: 0%         Magic Pen: 0
    Magic Pen%: 0%        Crit Chance: 25%
    Crit Damage: 250%   
    Armor: 138.5               MRes: 118
    Lifesteal: 28%            Spell Vamp: 0%
    Tenacity: 0%              CD Reduction: 0%
    Range: 600                  Movespeed: 370

  • Cho'gath, the Terror of the Void

    Total cost: 12675 g

    A classic tank build for Cho'Gath. You don't have much damage, but the Sunfire Cape helps. Utility is above average. SUPER TANKY, experienced it first-hand, even from an AI.

    HP: 2855                     HP per 5: 30.8
    Physical HP: 11591.29    Magical HP: 6937.65
    Effective HP: 9264.47
    Mana: 1800                     MP per 5: 14.55
    AS: 0.778                   AD: 130
    AP: 0                         Armor Pen: 0
    Armor Pen%: 0%          Magic Pen: 0
    Magic Pen%: 0%          Crit Chance: 0%
    Crit Damage: 200%   
    Armor: 306                 MRes: 143
    Lifesteal: 0%             Spell Vamp: 0%
    Tenacity: 0%              CD Reduction: 20%
    Range: 130                  Movespeed: 385

  • Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter


    Hits really hard, but I think too soft for her own good. Everyone can just jump on her and she's dead.

  • Nunu, the Yeti Rider

    A really fine tanky caster build. Lots of utility, almost perma-slow. Nearly impossible to kill near minion waves, has to lure him away from them. Surprisingly potent burst damage.

  • Ryze, the Rogue Mage

    A build with a lot of utility. Can change Ionian Boots of Lucidity with Sorcerer's Shoes. The most threatening bot I ever faced. Mid to late game, nearly impossible to kill in duels. Will outburst you every single time.

  • Shen, the Eye of Twilight

    Really tanky build, but other than that, kinda useless for duels. Really good at pinning down enemies in teamfights though, and has a good presence in fights.

  • Soraka, the Starchild

    [item_icon=Soul Shroud]

    Nice tanky support build. Lot of utilities, and a lot of tankiness (obviously). Almost perma-heal. Needs silences, stuns, or knock-ups to kill.

  • Taric, the Gem Knight

    [item_icon=Soul Shroud]

    Utility at its best. Full cd reduction helps a lot for his abilities, and the AS from Nashor's Tooth makes his heal almost constant. Super potent heal, can really change teamfight outcomes. Nice dueler. Good supporting AOE presence.

  • Warwick, the Blood Hunter

    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]

    Best dueling AI after Ryze. Really tanky overall. Almost always need CC to kill him. Lacks in damage though.

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