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Kha Zix Jungler Guide

written by Akhorahil

Table of Contents

  • Start

    Hi! I'm going to write how I play this champion on jungle.

    -Why be jungler?
    Kha zix has two great movility skills
    Leap  and Void Assault , whit those skills you can stay where you want when you want.
    Also you have a huge damage in targets that are alone (minions, jungle creeps or enemy champions).
    You have a self-healing skill that make easier to jungle.

  • First Items

    Well, the game just starts and you must buy your first items, but, what you buy??
    Many people starts with Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potions.

    I dont do that.
    I buy at first these items
    + X3
    Cause the extre speed is much better for ganks than armor.

    Your first ganks should give you enough money for 2 items.
    I buy now:
    Doran Sword: Cause it give you extre life and damage, you need it trust me XD
    Long Sword: More damage

    Before or after you will buy your core build, like these:
     + + +

    Why boots of movility?
    The ultra speed that it gives to you will help al ot ganking, running or moving across the map.
    Also with your Leap skill and Void assault you can "activate" the extra speed more often than other champs.

  • Final Build

    Well, you are a killer and you need damage, this is the build with i used to finish.
     + + +
    + + +


    Then, you can take some variables:
    Moar AD:
    Get raped?:

    To many armor tanks?:

    Also, you can try, if the game is tooo long a Trinity Force: Cause you can spam your "Q" skill, but i dont buy it cause it cost to much.

  • Skills

    This is how i up Kha Zix skills:


    I take first "Void Spike" because it give you a small heal that will help you.
    Anyway, you will up to lv2 fast and isnt really important.

  • Evolutions

    This is how i improve my skills:


    Leap: Why?? I improve this skill cause it give you A LOT of movility, and with assist and kills you can spam it. Very usefull as a assasain.
    Taste their Fear: Why? Cause you are a killer, a killer need damage, get it?
    Void Spike: Well, I improve this cause it proc your passive. Also, you can harass your enemy before TF, or slow single enemies and then catch them. I like it, but if you want you can improve your ulty instead this.

    Why no Void Assault?
    First games you will improve Void Assault, its so cool be red, run more, get invis more often and less damage you take.... but, you really dont need it, if you know when are where attack you wont need it.

  • Jungle Route

    I always start at Wolves.
    Ask for help to your mates, they must damage wolves at min 1:40 and then go fast to Blue Golem at 1:54 min. Spend your Smite here, in blue at first.

    Then, with blue buff and LV2 go to kill Ghosts.
    You will kill Red Buff now, dont waste Smite in red, keep it for Mini Golems.
    Kill red and mini golems, go home and buy dorans blade.

    Now is time to gank where you think that you can.


    1. Wolves (ask your mates for damage it)
    2. Blue Golem (spend Smite here and ask for some damage to your mates) (drink a potion)
    3. Ghost (drink another potion)
    4. Lizzard (dont spend Smite here) (more potions need to be drinked)
    5. Mini Golems (use smite)
    6. Go home and buy Doran's Blade
    7. Time to Gank!!

  • Summoner Spells

    You are a Jungler, so take Smite, its a must.

    Then, you can take anyone you want, but i prefer Flash, cause help you running away and killing enemies.

    Flash Smite



    You can change Flash for

    Exhaust, Ignite

  • Masteries

    I take those:


    But, if you are better with others, you can try it.

  • Runes