Blitzcrank Build Guide

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Big fists Blitz

written by MasterSXtreme

Blitzcrank Build

Starting items

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Core Build

Late Game / Luxury Items

Situational Items

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Skill Order

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  • Mana Barrier
  • Rocket Grab
  • Overdrive
  • Power Fist
  • Static Field

Runes for Blitzcrank

Masteries for Blitzcrank

Table of Contents


    Tired of not doing any damage as blitz?
    You land a hook and your teamates don't grab the kill?

    Well here's the solution "BIG FISTS BLITZ" (If you have a better name please tell me, i didn't came up with a good one)

  • Summoners

    I higly recomend using your basic support summoners if you are new at this, but if not, i recomend ghost and ignite so your W will make you even faster and the slow won't put you in much danger or maybe you could use TP and Ignite so you can troll the enemy team by faking your TP and then landing a hook to the first champ who fell in your trap.

  • Farming/ Last hitting

    Early game you don't have any wave clear so try to farm as good as you can to buy your stuff as fast possible, using your E to last hit can be very usefull but remember not to spam it to much because you can run out of mana pretty early, as you progress you will eventually get your ult's passive plus your Hydra, the Iceborn guantlet and myabe a Statik shiv (if you choosed it instead of the Phantom dancer) wich will make your wave clearing extremily fast, or if you decided to get the banner of command, then you ult will do a decent amount of damage clearing the minion wave even faster.

  • Teamfights

    Since you are naturally a tank, you won't have lot's of troubles, but if your team is behind and you somehow ended up in a teamfight, fist of all, use your ult so you will silence them all, then try landing a hook on a low target so it will be easy to kill that champion and make the teamfight a bit easier for your team.
    (Tip: use yor basic blitz combo to destroy the target you choosed)

  • Search for people left alone

    Since you can pull a champion towards using your Q, your E does double your AD and your W gives you an attack speed and movement speed bonus, everyone that's left alone is basicaly fucked :3
    (Tip: don't use your ult, it's a single target and you will save the cooldown, just let your ult's passive deal the damage)

  • Ruining your enemy's jungle

    If you forget that you are not a support and you put your first skillpoint on your Q, go place a ward on the enemy blue buff or red buff and ask an ally if they want a free buff, then use your Q to steal the respective buff and give it to your ally


    Don't forget none of you have smite so it can be a bit dangerous, specially if the enemy jungler is a Nidalee,Rengar orany champion that can jump and kill you.

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